A Birthday Celebration Transformed: Giving Back and Finding Joy

Our CEO Gifts Flowers from The Bouqs Co. to Family and Friends

By Jamie Ratner, CEO of Macaroni KID September 3, 2023

I have never been a big fan of celebrating my birthday. Gift-receiving, too, has always been a bit of a challenge for me. Even as a child, my mom had to remind me to muster a smile and express gratitude, especially if I already owned the toy in question. And as an introvert, the spotlight of attention has never been my preferred place to be.

During a recent dinner with a friend, an intriguing notion emerged: she shared that, were she to strike it rich in the lottery, she would indulge in her dream of gifting designer purses to all her friends. 

I laughed at this, but the concept resonated with me. It got stuck in my head. 

The author was provided with floral arrangements from The Bouqs Co. in exchange for an article.

I also reflected on how much joy I have always felt through gift-giving and planning events and celebrations for others.

That's when I decided that this — giving to others — was how I wanted to celebrate my upcoming 46th birthday.

So I decided to gift a bouquet to 46 women who are important to me. Forty-six of my friends and family who are always there for me. 

I reached out to The Bouqs Co. to help me with this idea because I had received a bouquet of flowers from them that I loved. Their exceptional bouquets seemed tailor-made for sharing with these 46 exceptional women.

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For the very first time ever on my birthday, which I know sounds unbelievable, I woke up with a sense of anticipation. I eagerly awaited The Bouqs Co. deliveries reaching the doorsteps of 46 women, each about to receive these heartfelt tokens of love.

I knew as soon as they started to arrive because the texts started coming in from shocked friends and family.

The flowers, as expected, were nothing short of gorgeous, reaffirming my decision to entrust The Bouqs Co. with this task. It truly was the BEST birthday surprise EVER.

Finding creative alternative ways to celebrate your birthday

Giving flowers to 46 women important to me from The Bouqs Co. was right for me, but maybe you'd be interested in exploring an alternative approach to giving on your birthday or a special occasion.

For instance, consider crafting heartfelt appreciation cards for people who have made a difference in your life. Or you could mobilize efforts to raise funds for a meaningful cause. You could infuse happiness into your birthday by orchestrating a series of spontaneous acts of kindness throughout the day. Buy coffee for a stranger, leave uplifting notes in public spaces, or assist someone in need.

You could organize a cleanup initiative at your nearby park or beach as a way to gather with friends and family while doing good. Or maybe you want to do something totally wacky, like go to a silent retreat for the weekend, plan a scavenger hunt for your family or friends, or start a new tradition where you write letters each year to your future self.

This year, on your birthday, I challenge you to embrace something out of the ordinary, something that resonates with your style and interests. As parents, our birthdays often slip under the radar due to the constant whirlwind of responsibilities and family focus. This time, make an exception. Kick off the next year in a way that's uniquely you.

Happy birthday!💐

Jamie Ratner is the CEO of Macaroni KID and CertifiKID.

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